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Most Option Buttons not clickable in Microsoft Edge 41.16257.1.0

Dave21Dave21 Member Posts: 2
Running Cookie Clicker (2.0042) without any mods on the latest version of Microsoft Edge (41.16257.1.0) on the Windows Insider Fast ring (Build 16257.1)

The game itself is running fine, but when I go to the options menu, most of the buttons are unclickable; In the General section, only Load From file can be clicked, either with visual impact, or with the action working even when the button does not. Save, Export Save, Import Save, Save to File and Wipe Save are not working.

I appreciate this is a "Bleeding Edge" setup, and Cookie Clicker is probably not actively tested in this configuration. Equally likely is there's a bug in this beta build of Microsoft Edge. However, without the Export Save or Save to file buttons working, I can't move my 868 day old save file to a more stable bowser or OS.

Does anyone have any tips on either getting the buttons working on Insider Edge, or a way to export the game save without the buttons?


  • KangSKKangSK Member Posts: 31 ✭✭
    edited August 2017
    For faster reading, skip 3 paragraphs and go to the last one.

    The Microsoft Edge browser had given up a lot of add-ons and features for faster and lighter browsing (until it is "just" enough to go around websites and read the words) and therefore, many time the ActiveX and Javascript does not work properly on it.

    Yes, Orteil can work on to make it better; but there are very "deep" parts of codes that Orteil cannot handle... because all can be done (unless you your computer) is changing the Javascript code. So as long as Edge itself does not digest all the Javascripts (which will never be possible because it is the opposite of what Edge is for), there is almost nothing that could be done.

    In conclusion, don't try to use Edge for playing cookie clicker. And don't even wait for it. Use Chrome, Firefox, Opera (with add-ons)... If you "really" want to use Microsoft's browser for some reason, use Internet Explorer. It is out-dated and heavy, but it is able to swallow most of the things.

    How to likely save your save (read my answer)
  • KangSKKangSK Member Posts: 31 ✭✭
    edited August 2017
    P.S. The only use of Edge is to get other browsers !!
  • Dave21Dave21 Member Posts: 2
    Hi, Kang.

    Thanks for the answer: Bringing up the Edge Development tools and putting window.localStorage.getItem(Game.SaveTo) into the console gave me a text dump of the game save. Copying that into a save file created in Internet Explorer then loading that file moved my game into a less experimental bowser, where all the buttons worked.

    Thanks for fixing this one.
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