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Graphics Missing?

ManFromACMEManFromACME Member Posts: 1
After a refresh (I had all the kittens and over 300 chancemakers with all upgrades, if that's important) I has no big cookie, and no dragon. I hit refresh and the game stuck on loading screen. After deleting cookies and reloading from an old save from 2 weeks ago, I had the big cookie etc. but no falling cookies and the milk display is corrupted (sometimes there, sometimes not). Everything else seems ok, but I have lost a lot of progress so maybe the bug is in higher levels.


  • KangSKKangSK Member Posts: 31 ✭✭
    Export => Open another kind of browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE ...etc) => Import Save => Find if everything is okay

    If Okay and you dont care much about broswers: Good ! Enjoy
    If Okay and you care about browsers: Erase the cookie of your original browser, and then import the save

    If not Okay: Try with a different computer

    It will be okay, the save file has no data about graphics
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