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New Challenge Mode Idea - Servant of Rigidel

kingskybomber14kingskybomber14 Posts: 3Member
Servant of Rigidel - After your first 10 of each building, you may only buy building in groups of 10 or 100.

A few notes about this challenge mode before i get to the achievements that it could offer. First off, this challenge mode would have to have Born Again restrictions in addition to the requirements listed above because otherwise progression would be absurdly fast and any challenge specific achievement would be obtained pretty much instantly.

I thought of a few achievements that could plausibly be a part of this Challenge Mode (sorry that I'm not creative enough to come up with names for these achievements):
Have 10 mines (and 10 of every previous building) - Reaching 10 mines seems pretty reasonable as a regular achievement to me. I was able to get to 10 mines in about 14 minutes, with my only golden cookie being a Frenzy at the 8 minute mark, so it seems pretty achievable. Without the frenzy, I'd imagine it would take more like 20 minutes, which is still not bad at all.
Have 10 temples (and 10 of every previous building) - I mainly selected temples because I feel like it just makes sense to have an achievement for reaching 10 temples, seeing that Rigidel is a Pantheon spirit. With that said, while I have not tested this, it does not feel too unreasonable. It would probably take a few hours of play.
Have 10 of every building - This one I could see either being left out or made a shadow achievement. Having tested a little bit with this restriction, I found that progression slows much faster than it does regularly because you can purchase less efficiently, and because of this this achievement could easily end up taking days to complete. I know that Orteil has no problem making achievements which will take absurd amounts of time to complete (like getting all the level 10 building achievements or endless cycle) but it might not be a good idea simply because it could end up being tedious and unfun.

In addition to these achievements, I feel like progressing to a certain point (maybe after getting the 10 of everything achievement?) there could be an additional reward, such as Rigidel being twice as effective or reducing the amount of time it takes for sugar lumps to mature.

Thoughts/ways in which I could improve this idea?


  • BillaboBillabo Posts: 1,322Moderator, Friendly, Conversationalist Mod
    edited August 2017
    That's just how I play normally, unless I'm trying to step up my last building the final 10 to get a new achievement. The achievements you suggested are all very easy achievements, btw. Something people get in their first run (or maybe second, now that Chancemakers are in the game?)
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  • kingskybomber14kingskybomber14 Posts: 3Member
    edited August 2017
    The thing is though, if you weren't in that challenge mode (and therefore following the guidelines) you couldn't get the achievement. For example, after you bought your tenth grandma, you would not be able to buy an 11th by itself, you would have to buy 11-20 together. I'm not claiming that this makes things extraordinarily difficult, but I think it could be interesting. I'm also not super experienced with cookie clicker (recently picked it up again after not playing for a couple years), so it is entirely possible that I didn't balance it correctly. Would 100 of each building (within these limitations) be better?
  • KangSKKangSK Posts: 31Member ✭✭
    That only makes sense in early games, if you get your last finger upgrade and the kittens, it takes only about 1 minute to buy 100 buildings of everything.

    This is what I buy after ascending. (total time apporx. 1min)
    300 cursors => 300 grandmas => 200 buildings up to time machines => 100 of rest buildings (anti ~ chance)

    Also, the "starter kitchen" prestige upgrade gives 5 grandmas from start, which make the numbers dirty.
  • kingskybomber14kingskybomber14 Posts: 3Member
    edited August 2017
    Yeah, that's why I intended for it to also include the Born Again restriction. It originally started out as an achievement idea that like hardcore would be Born Again only, but I felt that it was a bit too complicated for an achievement.

    Also, about challenge modes in general, I wouldn't be surprised if many future challenge modes end up having the Born Again clause attached, because a lot of cool stuff that can be done with modifying progression can be made obsolete by large amount of prestige and ascension upgrades.
  • Jarr2003Jarr2003 Posts: 3,794Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    Honestly, that doesn't really sound like that interesting of an idea. The restriction is so minor that it could hardly even be considered a challenge mode, and you could easily get all of the achievements in less than a day if you are at least somewhat active. It would be more of a chore to get the achievements than it would be something you have to put effort into. Plus, there would be really no point in continuing in the run after you get those achievements, because the restriction changes so little. Born Again is playable because it is basically a hard reset without being a hard reset, which is good for those who want to replay the early parts of CC. I can't really see anyone preferring to use this idea vs just born again, especially since you can easily self-impose the challenge without the need for a challenge mode.
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