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Up erverything

RevanRevan Posts: 4Member
edited August 2017 in Suggestions
Hi evrybody !
My english is not perfect so sorry if i make mistakes ^^
I'm big player of coockies clicker, never cheat on it and now i'm rushing the last kitten and i'll have evry upgrades !

So now why this title ? because it's true, the biggest problem of this game is that it's faster to not playing than to play it.
When i have not golden coockie and +50% production + 12 wrinklers, that is the best way to improve your score, thats all ! nothing can comparate. (excepte some golden coockie combo if your are very lucky, but if you ned to wait 20 min to have X7 + X777 clicks, this is not profitable)

So, for me somes points :

- Magic : stop blackfire, that a terrible idea, why i will risk to loos so mutch time ? exemple : if i can use conjure baked, i'll earn about....3 min, yes because i'll earn 20 minutes of my normal production, and 20 min of normal production is nothing comparate to my wrinklers production ! so why use it ? and if i have see what i want to say^^

- magic again ^^ : no blakfire is not enought, stop with % of magic, why up magic tower if nothing (almost) change for me ? i'll use my suger lumps in other building.

- and magic always : We need a BIG up of evry magic spells ! almost X10, and no, it's not cheat, it's not too much, it MUST be better than do nothing so better than CPSX11 !! exemple : pop up white wrinkler instead normal one, give 1 building random.
- pantheon : hoo yes, this one too, and X10 too for evrything, we must have hard choice because evrything must be very good, and i must not say to myself, ok this is bulshit, this one too, ok so the less worst is this one, after this one....etc NO way !

- krumblor : the same probleme, the main probleme, there are not hard choice, there are no choice, milk and production X2, anyone use something else ?
- golden coockies : if we lost 50% for have them, they must be better. I think it's enought for beginner, but in very late game, it's usless. So maybe a pantheon or krumblor who have large boost on them ?

Finnaly, the main problem is what i say in first time : do something MUST be better than do nothing. why just have so little boost, why are you soo scary to have good and big boosters ? What is your oppinion ?

I love this game, but after rush last kitten, i'll stop and wait for the next patch, like always.

may the coockies be with you !


  • ¤RunninginReverse¤¤RunninginReverse¤ Posts: 15,856Member, Friendly ✭✭✭✭✭

    Is this essentially suggesting we boost just about everything except the buildings? And I don't even know what the fuck your reasoning is meant to say.

    Magic: I do agree that magic needs some changes. Not these changes, though. Do you realize how overpowered magic working at 10 times it's current power level would be? Especially without even a chance of backfire? I do agree the percentage thing kind of makes upgrading it a waste, though.

    Pantheon: I haven't actually played, and, frankly, I have no idea how pantheon works. I still doubt it needs to be 10 times as powerful, though.

    Krumblor: I do agree that this one kinda doesn't leave much of a choice, even though it looks like it does.

    Golden Cookies: Are actually really good if you're an active player and prefer to have actual things to do. Otherwise, just leave golden switch on. Some players turn golden switch off to get a Frenzy or, presumably, Dragonflight, then put on golden switch during the effect.

    And, on the topic of idle VS active play: This is an idle game. It's kinda in the name.
    Warning! Warning! One left in the way
  • ChocolateMachineChocolateMachine Posts: 106Member ✭✭
    I kind of agree, but on the other hand maybe it's okay to leave the game alone for a while and rack up a bunch of cookies. Actually the golden switch does even more than 50%. Once you have all the golden cookie heavenly upgrades it increases your production by a factor of ×2.4 (up from the original ×1.5).

    The stacking between different golden cookie effects is really what makes active play worthwhile. Frenzy + Lucky gives 1h45min of production and can happen every four minutes or so. Compensating for golden switch and wrinklers this is about ... five minutes of production. Okay you're right.

    But you can also get some crazy effects once in a while with building special and click frenzy which give weeks worth. Maybe this is the only reason to play actively now.
  • RevanRevan Posts: 4Member
    Do you realize how overpowered magic working at 10 times it's current power level would be?

    i would say a lot of power not 10 times for everything, but 10% of golden coockie duration ? really ? 10% of 2 min 30 ? i'll earn 15 sec ? 50% yes ok. 2% of urgrade reduction ? no 15 or 20 % ok.

    Once you have all the golden cookie heavenly upgrades it increases your production by a factor of ×2.4 (up from the original ×1.5).

    OMG i didn't know that, so it's worst than i thought ! how can you be more profitable when you disable it and if you d'ont have wrinklers.

    And, on the topic of idle VS active play: This is an idle game. It's kinda in the name.

    Oh sorry, i'll post it on the good topic ^^
  • dparejadpareja Posts: 460Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 2017
    How to be profitable with the Golden Switch off and no wrinklers:

    Put Godzamok in the diamond slot.

    Wait for your magic meter to be full.

    Click a Golden Cookie.

    Immediately save.

    Cast Force the Hand of Fate.

    If it's anything but Click Frenzy, let it keep going.

    If it's Click Frenzy, refresh. If the game didn't autosave after you cast Force and clicked the resulting GC, you will now have a full magic meter again and will know that the next Force you cast will give you Click Frenzy. If it autosaved after you cast Force, but before you clicked the GC, sorry, you're SOL on this one, try again next time. If it autosaved after you clicked the GC, now you have a Frenzy+Click Frenzy. So sell all your Cursors, click like mad, when Godzamok runs out buy a bunch of Cursors again and sell them and click like mad. (You can hit the Golden Switch in here for extra production--do it before you sell your Cursors; they add so little to your production that the discount on the Switch from Five-Finger Discount more than makes up for the additional cost of flicking the Switch from the Cursors' generation. And buy back your Cursors before hitting the Switch again for the same reason.)

    If you have a ready-to-fire Click Frenzy, wait for Frenzy+Building Special. Then fire off the Click Frenzy from Force, hit the Golden Switch, sell all your Cursors, click like mad, buy and sell more Cursors, click like mad. Wait for both boosts to run out and hit the Golden Switch again after buying back your Cursors.

    You will get tons of cookies.

    Of course, it's even better when you're in the Grandmapocalypse, because you can also get Elder Frenzy. Stacked Frenzy+Elder Frenzy+Click Frenzy is insane.

    Note that Krumblor cannot be set to Dragonflight for this to work; Force will not give you Click Frenzy if you have Dragonflight. (But then you can get Dragonflight, which is even more insane, albeit briefer--with all the GC upgrades, Click Frenzy is 30 seconds, while Dragonflight is, I believe, 25 seconds.)

    Honestly, right now my Wrinklers don't do that much. Practically all my production is from stacking Frenzy+Building Boost/Elder Frenzy+Click Frenzy (or just Elder Frenzy+Click Frenzy--you'd have to have well over 900 of a building for Frenzy+Building Boost to equal the boost from an Elder Frenzy). Even Clot+Elder Frenzy is worth it to fire off a Click Frenzy, I think (I have building counts that make Frenzy+Building Boost a better multiplier, but 333 is still really good). I only have them there so that I can get Elder Frenzy.

    tl;dr Rig things so your next Force the Hand of Fate result will be Click Frenzy, then wait for buffs that give you a big CpS multiplier. Fire off Force, sell buildings to Godzamok, click like mad, get tons of cookies.

    EDIT: For instance, on my current run, I've been going for about 3.75 days. I've generated 217.781 duodecillion cookies. Of those, 214.986 duodecillion were clicked, almost entirely using the above method. All other generation--CpS, offline Chimera, Lucky, reindeer, Wrinklers--has accounted for less than 3 duodecillion.

    EDIT #2: And this has allowed me to buy so many buildings (7,480 currently) that my next Grandma (of which I have 628 because they boost every building) costs 6.28 duodecillion--more than twice what I've generated from methods other than clicking over the course of the entire run.
  • RevanRevan Posts: 4Member
    i think i understand, you know that you will get de frenzy + clicking and you optimize that to maximum, but this is called an exploit, the game was not think to do that.
    Why don't just make power up more interesting ? when evrything is awesome but you have to choice, that is very interesting and give you possibility to change your "gameplay".
    what do you think ?
  • dparejadpareja Posts: 460Member ✭✭✭
    How is it an exploit? (Aside from arguable savescumming.)
  • BillaboBillabo Posts: 1,323Moderator, Friendly, Conversationalist Mod
    Because you're not supposed to know what random effect the golden cookie will give you.
    Fire Emblem: Fates castle address
  • dparejadpareja Posts: 460Member ✭✭✭
    Billabo said:

    Because you're not supposed to know what random effect the golden cookie will give you.

    I guess.
  • RevanRevan Posts: 4Member
    yep ^^
    For me the goal of the game is to encrease again and again and again....etc
    and more you're earn more you earn ^^
    but now there are magic and power up (pantheon, sugar and krumblor), maybe that would be cool if we can increase them too. it have to be fun, just clinking on golden coockie is not enought ^^ (ok it's just coocki clicker but there are a good potentiel to me ^^)
    i just remember something, just befor this patch, on beta, Godzamok was X10 more powerfull and that wasn't enought ! so now, it's soo useless (exepte with you ^^
    For now, up erverything (except building) is the best and simplest solution for me, don't you ?
  • dparejadpareja Posts: 460Member ✭✭✭
    In fairness, you don't need to savescum Force the Hand of Fate for my method to work. Just only fire off FtHoF when you have a place where a Click Frenzy would be amazing (ie Elder Frenzy, Frenzy+Building Boost, or Frenzy+Elder Frenzy). Sometimes you'll hit a Click Frenzy and you can go to town.

    Godzamok's still plenty worth it if you play actively enough--better than any other spirit for active play. It's just not stupidly broken and overpowered like it was pre-nerf.
  • KangSKKangSK Posts: 31Member ✭✭
    Actually after you found out your golden cookie is not the one you wanted, you can change the random seed and another random cookie will come out (which is not fun, but if having more cookies is all you want, can be used)
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