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Sugar Lumps

PyrusKromePyrusKrome Posts: 1Member
Running the numbers, it would take approximately 600+ days to get all sugar lump achievements, and by that i mean all the ones that require a lvl 10 building, that's not including the new chancemaker but it IS bringing in the fact that you would have to have all the upgrades for sugar lumps and bringing down their time to ripen to 20 hours instead of 23. I thought this seemed as an unreachable goal as getting 1000 ascensions. When i play the game I'm always shooting to collect achievements, that and get all the ascensions which is a goal that is reachable as the player progresses, meaning that they keep getting more and more as they go along, strengthening the idea that the goal IS reachable. However for the sugar lumps that doesn't seem to be the case as there are no current upgrades that makes them far easier to get. There are bifurcated sugar lumps but those are still pretty rare even WITH the upgrades (and i haven't even harvested one yet).

Also a side note: when i first saw the sugar lumps and read its description of maturing after 20 hours, ripening after 23, and falling off after a day, I thought that meant that it would literally take three days instead of the one due to the wording. If it said "ripen after the 23rd hour" that would've been more clear. Small thing but i thought it was interesting. I dont think that many people read it as i do.


  • SekhmetSekhmet Posts: 96Member ✭✭
    I agree. Having hard-to-get upgrades (expensive, in terms of HC, cookies or even sugar lumps themselves... or minigames maybe?) that would help get sugar lumps faster would be nice for both reasons:
    - Getting the sugar lumps achievements would be achievable
    - Getting those upgrades would be a new challenge itself :)
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