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Suggestion - Two New Buildings

TalloWaxmanTalloWaxman Member Posts: 2
Hello! Long time lurker here. Just joined to share a couple of thoughts. :) I've had these ideas for new buildings for a while.

Genie Lamps - wishing for cookies. Just polish this magic lamp and use your wishes to get cookies.
The grandma costume could be the classic I Dream of Jeannie one. Upgrade names could be based on various stories in the same genre - Thousand and One Nights, Scheherazade, Aladdin.

Thought Coalescer - think really hard about cookies. Specially trained thought-bakers put on this strange helmet and manipulate matter into delicious commutes.
The grandma costume could be a silver jumpsuit and a tall head (containing a big brain). Upgrade names could be based on the works of EE 'Doc' Smith's Lensman series or Julian May's Galactic Milieu series.

There you have it. Let me know what you think.


  • ¤RunninginReverse¤¤RunninginReverse¤ Member, Friendly Posts: 15,361 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Cookie cost? Base CPS outputs? Anything?

    Besides the complete lack of actual balancing-based details, we just got a new end-tier building. We don't need more buildings.
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