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Grimoire regen rate show #/min instead of #/sec

mlambleymlambley Member Posts: 5
I've made a tweak on my machine, which I suggest should be implemented in the main code.

In minigameGrimoire.js
M.draw function, line 1:
Change the message which shows the rate to:


As you can see, all I've done is add "*60" and changed "sec" to "min".
It means that I don't see small numbers like "0.03/sec" anymore.

Right at this moment my mana is "5/31" and regenerating at "0.88/min"
It's more informative this way, I think.


  • JdudeJdude Member Posts: 12 ✭✭
    edited August 2017
    I think it would be even more informative if instead of telling you how much magic regenerates in a certain period of time, it would tell you how much time it takes to regenerate 1 magic.

    Decimals mean something when you're talking about the time, but if you have 1.03 magic it means nothing different from 1 magic.
  • mlambleymlambley Member Posts: 5
    Good idea. I've changed it to
    • ' ('+Beautify(1/((M.magicPS||0)*Game.fps),0)+' s)'
    Now it just shows:
    • 18/31 (38 s)
    The units are a little off-putting. It's "seconds per mana point" which doesn't physically fit very well. But I'll leave it as is on my machine.
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