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Buying Cursors lowers CPS.

LexyvilLexyvil Member Posts: 3
edited August 2017 in Bug Reports
In version 2.0042, I have Cyclius enabled in the the third slot of the pantheon. When the the % cycle starts to decrease, and I buy Cursors, my CPS seems to drop, whether I sell or buy them. Is that a bug, or just a visual update? Because it doesn't happen when Cyclius is disabled.


  • ChocolateMachineChocolateMachine Member Posts: 106 ✭✭
    Does your CPS drop over time, even if you don't buy cursors? It's probably just from the changing bonus/penalty from Cyclius.
  • LexyvilLexyvil Member Posts: 3
    It doesn't drop over time, but I really think it could be from the penalty from the Cyclius as it starts going into the negative afterall.
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