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Buff Grimoire

BlueCandleBlueCandle Member Posts: 1
I know not every spell should be some amazing, game-changing thing, but as it is, there's zero reason to use any spells besides Hand of Fate. Not to say that Hand of Fate should be nerfed, but every other spell pales in comparison.
Conjure Baked Goods' backfire is WAY too harsh to make it worth attempting it. Mathematically, risking losing 15 minutes of CpS for 30 minutes of CpS makes sense, but a clot, especially a 15 minute one, reduces the effects of clicks and wrinklers substantially. To fix this, I think you could either make it so that the backfire removes 15 minutes of CpS instantly (a la Ruin), or, make the +30 minutes of CpS a buff which increases your CpS by however amount to be equal to 30 minutes, to make the risk a bit more worthwhile.
Stretch Time's fine. Not amazing, but doesn't need to be changed.
Spontaneous Edifice was the main reason I was going to make this post in the first place. Requiring 100 mana just to use it is ridiculous; by the time you're able to reach 100 mana, you've got far, far better ways to obtain cookies to get buildings (namely, Hand of Fate). What's the point of burning through the vast majority of your mana to obtain ONE building (and possibly even LOSE one) when you could just as easily use Hand of Fate and get way more than enough to get a building. Not to mention, you can't get Prisms, and you can't get more than 400 of any building with it, so its usefulness is even MORE limited. I think it mostly just needs a price reduction; again, that wouldn't make it great, but it at least wouldn't be pointless to use.
Haggler's Charm and Crafty Pixies are fine (The risks are pretty heavy but not unreasonable), but I think you could serve to equal them out at being 30% of your mana, instead of 20% and 40%, respectively.
Summon Abomination is another fine one. It just doesn't stand out, but it's not really supposed to, I guess.
Diminish Ineptitude ought to be 10% of mana, if only because you already need to use another spell for it to be worth it.


  • ChocolateMachineChocolateMachine Member Posts: 106 ✭✭
    Conjure baked goods is okay because of stacking with buffs. The +30/-15 minutes worth of production uses your CpS right then, while the 15 minute clot applies to the CpS over those 15 minutes, which is probably much less. In the beta, it was pretty overpowered without the 15 minute loss and the 15% cap, but it's still pretty good during buffs if you keep a bank of cookies.

    Also, with conjure baked goods, the possible gain is far more important than the possible loss. Gaining adds to the CBTA and prestige gain, while losing cookies doesn't subtract from it. It's part of the same reason that wrath cookies are worthwhile even though lucky and ruin have the same chances, and it leads to some weird budgeting decisions: a penny earned is better than a penny saved.

    As for spontaneous edifice, you don't actually need 100 magic, you need 53. And you can get prisms from it: by highest-built it means the building you have the most of, so probably cursors. The limit of 400 means it's limited to the buildings you have less than 400 of, making it more likely to give you something valuable like a prism or a time machine.

    I think Grimoire is mostly fine. Some spells are higher risk and reward than others, but none of them are huge other than the occasional force the hand of fate.
  • 100lol100lol Member, Wiener Posts: 1,760 ✭✭✭✭
    why so much stuff written
    no need to buff grimoire because:
    conjure baked goods + hand of fate + elder frenzy = cookies for years
    Insert something purposely unfunny here
  • GouchnoxGouchnox Member, Friendly, Cool, Conversationalist Posts: 6,483 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    To me the only buff that should be made to spells should be an actual incentive to level up your towers, because right now it's just a bad idea to do so
    conjure backed goods is actually just op as fuck, just savescum it and use a dud afterwards idk
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