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During Frenzy, when production is X7, sometimes clicking actually subtracts cookies from my bank

RobaatoRobaato Posts: 11Member
I first posted this in Help, but was advised to bring it here.

Sometimes, during the production X7 golden cookie thing, as I'm madly clicking, I start losing cookies. The legacy counter drops and everything. I haven't bought One Mind yet this run, so I know it's not rage cookies...

Even after the production bonus ends, I keep losing cookies every time I click. I have to reload the game to get it to work right.


  • JukeDraghJukeDragh Posts: 7Member
    Legacy counter goes down or stagnates?
  • alanjalanj Posts: 1Member
    I'm experiencing this as well.

    Sometimes the cookie total and legacy counter go back and forth in a small range for a while - for instance the legacy counter went from 100400 to 100401 as the meter filled up, then back to 100400 as I kept clicking, then up to 100401 when the meter filled up, then back. Sometimes if I haven't clicked in a while, clicking will drop both the cookie total and legacy counter by a lot - for instance the total cookies dropped by about 25x my CPS just now, and the legacy counter dropped a corresponding amount.

    It's happened at least twice now, but I can't reliably reproduce it. Playing 2.0042, Safari 10.1.2, MacOS 10.12.6.
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