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MrMonkey7thMrMonkey7th Posts: 1,315Member ✭✭✭
In this game, each player is a politician trying to get elected. Every 5 posts by me, there will be an election, and the population (My decision, influenced by campaigning) will decide who they want to vote for! If you win, you get to pass 1 law in your next post, which could do multiple things:
  1. Cancel a previously existing law
  2. Increase you support
  3. Decrease your support
  4. Do nothing
  5. Possible other special effects
A 5 post cycle starts again.

To begin, choose:
  • A name for your party (Muffin party, Communist party)
  • A platform for your party (Environmental support, Welfare improvement, muffin yumminess laws)
  • A template for your party from the ones below
Template 1:
Large support group, only $5,000

Template 2:
Medium sized support group, $10,000

Template 3:
Small support group, $25,000

Template 4:
Small support group, $5,000, one free Perk of my choice based on your platform. You can suggest something.

The electoral system, because there will no doubt be people from different countries if this game takes off: All citizens get 1 vote towards one party of their choice, whoever has the most votes wins.

What happens in the four turns between each election:

Turn 0: The Election.

Turn 1: Discuss the results of the last election, influence powerful social figures to try and get them to show their approval or disapproval of the election results. If you manage to influence a figure in social media, then in the next cycles they will express their opinions again without you having to influence them. They will continue doing this until another party tries to influence them.

Turn 2 and 3: Open ended. Spend money on campaigning, send a representative of your party to talk on the news, etc. Note that after turn 1, opinions about the last elections results will have very little impact. If you're really lucky, this might gain you a Perk.

Turn 4: Wrap up your campaigning and make a singular final statement from your party. This final statement will have the most impact on your support group, positive or negative.

Turn 5: A new election

The current large players in social influence include, but are not limited to:

Justice Beaver, Orteil, and Pewdyeπ
This forum: Not dead. Just... sleeping.


  • NoresaltoNoresalto Posts: 43Member ✭✭
    politician: gandhi
    Party name: lovers of space expansionism
    objective: to reach such a degree of technological superiority that we can move to a galaxy that is not condemned to die and distribute free cookies or pizza once a month
    No hablo ingles , solo español por ahora
    Uso google translator
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