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Should I put an end to the Grandmatriarch Chaos

jmcman6104jmcman6104 Member Posts: 6
I am not sure if I should buy Elder Covenant or not because the Elders Wrath gives you the wrinklers which give you a HUGE CPS boost. Should I buy Elder Covenant?


  • BillaboBillabo Moderator, Friendly, Conversationalist Posts: 1,254 Mod
    edited July 2017
    Buy it once to get the achievement for buying it, but then revoke it. You're correct that wrinklers give a huge boost, so Elder Covenant is not worth it. Elder Pledge is better because it lets you click golden cookies without inflicting the CPS penalty of the covenant.
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  • GouchnoxGouchnox Member, Friendly, Cool, Conversationalist Posts: 6,485 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    staying on stage one of the grandmapocalypse is always more optimal than full wrath, especially for active play
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