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Game ideas ( wip )

InvaderIndyInvaderIndy Posts: 80Member ✭✭✭
edited July 2017 in Off Topic
I'm working on like five or six different games, but since I have no equipment as of today (and since I hope that will change before the end of the month - job struggles), and the more ideas I write down, I keep developing more

So, I guess I'll just give you three of my ideas. They're going to be a little broad, because:
  • no matter how silly it sounds for someone as small as myself in the gaming community, I don't like stolen ideas (no matter which way)
  • I'm still jotting more ideas down, lol
And I hope that if the plan I have currently is a success, I will release my games to DNF before anywhere else (I'll figure it out).

Medieval RPG

Use of magic? Yes.
Dragons? Definitely a maybe.
won't be as common in Skyrim if I decide for it.

Golems, witches, trolls, brigands, other traditional enemy NPCs? Yes.
Huge map? Yes.
At least 10 hours of story? Yes.
Side quests? Yes.

Space RPG

Mass Effect, Star Wars-inspired.
Death Star? Not exactly.
Easy-to-kill enemies? Nope. :)
I don't have many ideas on this one yet. Sorry!

Episodic underground adventure

(toying with the idea)
Like the last one, I'm still messing around with this. I imagine this will take a while.

I know it sounds like a lot, but I think with time and effort I can pull these off!
So what should I get to work on?

(ps if you can see the html tags then oops, ignore them)

But I really am serious about this, and I hope these games take as much time as they need. Thanks for the read! :)

Game ideas ( wip ) 9 votes

Game A
UiomancantBillaboyourcoldcheeksAlanor_ 4 votes
Game B
Game C
¤RunninginReverse¤LefianQuentinPlaysMC 3 votes
^release them in this order^
SirfishBrainstorm 2 votes


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