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Pros/Cons of Dashnet Forums

InvaderIndyInvaderIndy Member Posts: 80 ✭✭✭
This post is pointless - your opinion means nothing to me lol

  • Cool people, for the most part
  • Some posts are relatable and funny
  • It's never dead for more than two hours (on a good day)
  • Everybody including myself is annoying. jk lol
  • A lot of cool people are leaving. Like @Gouchnox :(
  • jk you're not cool lol

  • I find myself coming her subconsciously to relieve stress but end up gaining more
  • I only relate to three people
  • I find my posts to be relatable and funny (they aren't)
  • I opened a @CarmoryInReverse account but only used it once
  • Nobody here takes Roblox as seriously as I do.
  • I have the undying urge to meme
  • Nobody is a geek.
  • Everyone is conceited in some way (except Carmory, he memes 24/7 and doesn't gaf)
  • This place gains at least 20 users every two weeks but 1% of them post once and leave forever
  • Drama finds its way in every post
  • I keep posting music in my feed.
  • I like the wrong genres of music
  • This has turned into CONS of myself
  • I missed all the good drama
  • I'll be gone all of next week because I'm complaining about how empty my life is :^)
  • but I totally won't check back here every four seconds in hopes somebody even acknowledges my attention-whoring 4DaAwesomes absence :^)
  • but it's cool because I have ice cream on my views.
  • Shit i meant 'side'. i'm not doing anything for views or anything. I swear.
  • No really, I swear.
  • I also have a girlfriend, sorry men. :)))))))
  • I'm secretly gay.
  • Shit I meant I'm secretly a sad piece of shit struggling for agrees and is against hillary Clinton.
  • com @ me cunt
  • ^final meme until 7/23/17
  • i'm not creative.
  • i have two personalities that take control of me at will :(
  • i hate myself. One of them anyway xD o_O :3
also I'm working on a new YouTube channel.


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