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I Accidentally Broke CC

jpmrocksjpmrocks Member Posts: 1
edited July 2017 in Help
So, I was in a competition with some friends over who could "beat" Cookie clicker first, ie get all Achievements and Upgrades (this was before the 2.0 update). The rules were simple, no cheating in cookies/dev console. Well, I used Uncanny Cookie Clicker plugin, to click golden cookies, and long story short, after three week, last night, it broke. This caused me to get infinity cookies and over a quadrillion heavenly chips. Now, I know I can ascend to clear out all the glitched golden cookie effects (apparently the game cant handle cookie storm being clicked spontaneously) but I'd still have too many Heavenly Chips. I don't understand heads nor tails of the Wiki's explanation for editing saves, and there are no up to date online save editors to help fix this.
Is there any way I can change my CC's save's Heavenly Chips total? If so, how do?
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