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Minigame ideas and one minor quality of life sugestion

FaeittyFaeitty Member Posts: 49 ✭✭
edited July 2017 in Suggestions
that one Quality of life thing:

When a seasonal collectable is found, the announcement that appears at the bottom of the screen should tell you how many of said group of collectables you have (example: You found the Slime Cookies! {3/7 cookies found})

Minigames, general:

Rather than the use of Sugar Lumps only affecting the CPS a building produces when said building is leved up, leveling up building should unlock things in the Minigames like themed upgrades that make minigames produce faster, and have stronger benefits. Specifically, I recommend a late and final upgrade that I call "Golden upgrades". Perhaps, once a building has reached lv 50, a Golden Upgrade is unlocked and can be bought with cookies. These golden upgrades would affect your entire game, rather than just its Minigame. I have a lot to say, so I'll talk about Golden Upgrades in later paragraphs.

Grandma MG
I recommend a rather large change to the game with this one, so keep an open mind. I recommend that cookie CPS multipliers (excluding rewards for having X amount of building and seasonal collectables) come only from this minigame. When the MG is opened, you'll have the option to bake something. You have a 75% chance to unlock a cookie upgrade, with this % lowering as you unlock more of the CPS Cookies. if you do not get a new cookie unlock, you'll simply get a set amount of cookies ( maybe about half of a Lucky golden cookie ). baking cookies would be a 12 hour process, with leveling up your grandma's letting you lower that to a minimum of 1 hour. Once a Cookie upgrade is unlocked, it stays unlocked through ascensions

for the Golden Upgrade: each grandma give a 0.1% multiplier to your cps

Farm MG:
Similar to games like Farmville and the farming feature of Pokémon Sun and Moon, the Farm MG would require you to maintain and harvest your crops ( watering plants, tiling land, and scaring away vermin would be necessary for the survival of your crops). It takes about 24 hours for a crop to be ready for harvest, with upgrades lowering that wait time. When your crop is being attacked, a warning will appear in the bottom of your screen. As you lv up your farms, you'll be able to upgrade your farm to the point where it is automatic.

The Golden Upgrade would makes farms three times as effective ( because let's be honest, outside of the golden cookie effect and the synergies, farms are super weak late game.)

Mine MG:
Given that monsters in a dark cave makes more sense then them being in a factory, I think that something similar to the dungeon idea would be fitting here. (I've never played the dungeon beta, so I may miss some good ideas from that.) In the MG your party would search the mines for treasure and monsters to slay. Unlike the other things on this big old suggestion thing, most upgrades for this MG would be found within the game rather than gotten from spending Sugar Lumps on the building. The treasure you find in the mine will have a chance to be either a lucky Golden Cookie effect or an upgrade. Along with this, defeating monsters will give you cookies and level up your fighters. Upgrades gotten through spending Sugar on your mines would unlock special bosses that drop rare upgrades that raise your CPS, allow you to perform revival rituals of some kind, or allows your party to search the mines without your input .

When one of your fighters faints, they die. When you don't have a full party, you have the ability to recruit girls you find in the mines. the level of these girls will depend on how deep in the mines you are. If all fighters die you will have to restart at the beginning of the dungeon, but you keep all upgrades your last party found. Getting a fighter to lv 100 gives them an extra life.

As to avoid making this TOO interactive, the fighters would not have customizable attacks ( that is, it wouldn't be like Pokémon) and attacking would consist of simply clicking on the enemy, but each fighter would have a ability. The potential abilities would be the following: Fighter's will ( fighter has a 45% chance to survive a killing blow), Healing wish ( fighter would emit an aura that slowly heals allies both inside and outside of battle), Mark of the phoenix ( fighter has a 25% of reviving if they die in battle), Midas Touch ( treasure gives 10% more cookies if this fighter is in your party), and Sidestep ( fighter has a 35% chance of avoiding an attack.

This MG would be affected by the Grandma-apocalypse. When the grandma's are angered, monsters will be withered versions of themselves. Withered monsters have more health, but attack slower and give more cookies.

The "Golden Upgrade" would not be unlocked through Sugar, but it has to be taken from the final unlockable boss. this Upgrade would be The Dragons horde, which allows you to put three auras on your dragon. This may sound OP, but given how hard it'll be to get, I think it's fair.

Factory MG:
.....I don't know actually. I have no ideas for this rip
That being said, I do have a Golden Upgrade idea. The GU would cut the time it takes for other MG's to produce by half

Wizard MG:
I feel like this MG is a bit lackluster, but could be easily improved with the upgrades I mentioned. Each upgrade could unlock better spells, or make existing spells better. The Golden Upgrade would be a luck spell: a spell that makes double golden cookies appear 1% more often, lowers chances for spells to fail by 1%, and increases chances of the Sweet golden cookie effect by 1%. This spell would take a ton of MA to cast, but it would stack up to ten times for a total of a 10% increase you all three aforementioned stats. Potentially, this spell could extend to other MG's as well, perhaps raising the chance of activating the Mark of Phoenix, Sidestep, and Fighter's will abilities

As for other MG's....I have no ideas. I feel like these Minigame ideas may be OP or even UP, but what do we post suggestions for; for them to be in the game, or to have fun writing them? (This is so long wow I'm sorry I just really love this game)


  • Jarr2003Jarr2003 Member Posts: 3,788 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Factories already have a minigame. It's called dungeons, and was the earliest minigame made. Orteil never got around to finishing it, but now that he's actually adding in minigames, dungeons will probably be finished soon enough.
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  • FaeittyFaeitty Member Posts: 49 ✭✭
    ( I have no idea how to reply to people so I hope this works) I know about the dungeon thing, I was recommending that it be moved from the factories to the mines. My reasoning behind that was because I found dingy mines a better home for monsters than a factory full of people. Though, given the game, I guess there could be abandoned corners of factories that have been overrun with sentient flour and whatnot.
  • BillaboBillabo Moderator, Friendly, Conversationalist Posts: 1,288 Mod
    Faeitty said:

    Though, given the game, I guess there could be abandoned corners of factories that have been overrun with sentient flour and whatnot.

    If you play the dungeon beta ( ) you can see that that's exactly the idea, and he already has a lot of art assets for factory dungeons. It's only the programming ("only" the programming, haha) that still needs to be done.
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  • Adeick8Adeick8 Member Posts: 11 ✭✭
    I'll probably make my own thread for this, but I have more MG ideas.

    Cursors can click Golden Cookies for you while you are gone. Cursors are very slow, so there is a large chance the cursor will not be able to make it to many Golden Cookies.

    Upgrading will either increase the amount of Cursors that are searching for Golden cookies, or increases their speed so they are able to reach the Golden Cookie.

    You can invest Cookies into banks, and upgrading will increase the amount of interest you gain on the cookie.

    It's very similar to a Wrinkler, actually, except you deposit cookies, not CpS.

    Time Machines: Keeps track of Golden Cookies that you clicked yesterday. At any time today, you may use each Golden Cookie (these golden cookies don't count for tomorrow).

    Upgrading increases the number of golden cookie slots that the time machines can bring back.
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