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Another use for sugar lumps

dparejadpareja Posts: 460Member ✭✭✭
So I like the addition of sugar lumps in the new beta, but I'd like to see one more thing that can be leveled up via sugar: manual clicking.

It would level up the same as buildings, adding 1% for each level and requiring X lumps to gain 1 level to level X.

It could unlock, perhaps, a chance to get a few more cookie upgrades by clicking, each click having some tiny chance to unlock a new cookie (one of which could be rarer than the others and would boost clicking by 5% or 10%), with that chance increasing depending on the level of manual clicking, and also with a heavenly upgrade to increase the chance, along with an achievement for getting all those cookies that would increase the chance of getting them in future runs.


  • opsylonopsylon Posts: 67Member ✭✭
    i like it. and i have a whole list of suggestion and i will add this to it so that is has more chance of getting into the game.
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