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A goddamn review of Uncharted 4

itsIndyitsIndy Member Posts: 229 ✭✭✭
Rated T
  • spoilers
  • swear words
  • poo poo fuck shit

(not the full game review, I'm not some uncultured savage)

I can guarantee you guys that this is not my opinion and 100% fact and if you disagree with me then I hope you outlive your child.

Uncharted 4 is fucking beautiful. It's also the best PS4 game to date. However the game has flaws so fuck me right? it starts with you out on the middle of the ocean. "But Indy all uncharted games has prologues that pick up in the middle of the g-" shut up. The prologue is fine. In fact It's even sexy. But when the boat hits you you all of a sudden are in a flashback of Nathan in his teen.

*record scratch*

NoW hOlD oN dOn'T TriGGer mE!!

This was already done! Fuck you Naughty Dog u cheeky cunts. U3 did this :(

And you know why U3 did this? Because it's the worst game in the series. It's cool and all but the only way it would be a good game would be if the player had a thumbtack-swallowing fetish.

Back to Uncharted 4, the first hours feel like it tries to live up to its predecessor. As Young Drake in U3 you have to sneak around in a museum to steal a journal or something IDK I can't remember because it's absolute bullshit garbage and whoever wrote it should lick a cheese grater. In U4 you have to sneak around in a fucking orphanage that just so happens to not give a shit about Drake because if I remember correctly the only time the police are looking for Drake and his brother is when they thought they killed that old lady and put me in a weak chase scene.

When you get to the side conversations in the prologue I'm not gonna lie it felt pretty real. Hell, when Drake found out Sam was leaving, it was a tear jerker. Sam even said an iconic line that also might even be the best in the series, but I won't give it away.

After you get out of the flashback, you come to a fistfight in prison lol, yada yada, it makes no sense until you get to the part where Fargas or whatshisface makes you search for Henry Avery's riches of paradise. I make it sound bland but the acting was top notch, ol' chip chop cheerio.

Fast forward you meet a new guy called Ralf or Randy. Oh shit his name is Rafe Adler which is no better on any level. He's a true thief, but I love him more than Drake. Why? He has flavor. Drake comes into his own and reignites his flame in a bit.

So I didn't mention it but earlier when you were looking for the riches of paradise in this giant fort, you find this supposedly gold crucifix (except they have to point out that a crucifix has Jesus on it, which this did not. It had Dismas) that's supposed to come into play for two reasons:
  1. when you come back to Fargas he asks if you found anything and you lie saying no
  2. it has latin shit written on it that's supposed to be a clue on the X-marks-the-spot not-done-before pirate treasure hunt.
Fargas finds out that later Drake was lying and one thing leads to another, Drake gets shot and killed...lmao no Fargas gets dead but they escape because 3 vs 400 have good odds.

Arguably the saddest and best written story of its time. It's a good ending to a good series :p

I'm done bitching about this game, unless you want compliments about story and graphics or the cutscenes...then go away

Omg this game is so cool but the beginning sucks 3/5
Omg this game is so cool and the graphics are awesome 5/5
Omg this game is so cool but it is confusing at times 4/5
Omg this game is so cool but Uncharted 2 is tied with it xdd!! 5/5

It's not perfect but I'm in love with it. :)

Omg this game is so cool but the final rating is


  • prestonianprestonian Member Posts: 1
    This game is awesome!!!! I think that it is not the best part of the Uncharted's quadrology, but it still one of the best games ever! Natan Drake forever!
    I really like to play on my PlayStation. Because there are a lot of interesting games with picturesque worls here!
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