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Question about the unique parameter

fishdavidsonfishdavidson Posts: 14Member ✭✭

While looking at some of Orteil's source code for some of his generators, I noticed a parameter called unique. Here's an example of what I'm talking about as taken from Orteil's creature generator

[mind type,unique]
[mind type,unique] and [mind type,unique]
[mind type,unique]; [mind type,unique], and [mind type,unique] {60%}
[mind type,unique]. [Mind Type,unique], and [mind type,unique]. [Mind Type,unique] {30%}

My questions are these: what is the scope of the unique qualifier? Is it something that is a global variable that persists across multiple instances of a function? Are there any tips people can give about this particular qualifier, or undocumented/hidden features of this parameter?


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