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The great maze escape

ManiklasManiklas Member Posts: 2,725 ✭✭✭
edited June 2017 in Playground
I was bored so I drew something which turned out to be a maze, so I made a forum game by taking that maze, make it a little bigger and more "mechanical", add in a few parts of one of my old experimental RP systems and BOOOM!

I made a co-op(tional?) Maze escaping game.

You chose a gender and age, you are all humans and can pick up items and races and classes (kind of like in munchkin if you've ever played that) and your goal is to avoid dying and escape from the maze.
Co-operation is recommanded (yes I just said recommanded), but(/so) you CAN fight each other or buff monsters fighting players.

It's pretty much munchkin with multiple stats but your goal is to escape a maze.

EDIT 30/6 2017: After my next post I'll kick people after not posting for 3 days if you haven't said something in style with "I'm not gonna be on" or "break" or something, because I'll need to execute all actions at the same time to make this work
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