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UNDERTALE CLICKER (Undeicided name, A dfferent one)

DeemoDeemo Posts: 11Member

Play the game!
Play Hard Mode!

Welcome to Undertale Clicker! The entire universe has been destroyed...yay. But after selling your SOUL, the universe springs back to life! ...but its all an empty void. Lets fix that!
In order to recreate the world we need a lot of strength in the form of LOVE, use LOVE to create worlds. Use gold from characters in the worlds to hire others and supply gold for things for said characters to make them happy and increase the gold they make. Experience events before and after the events of UNDERTALE and traverse to alternate versions of the base world. A word of advice, don't hire corrupted characters...who KNOWS what could happen.

-Many characters
-Multiple ways to unlock said characters
-Multiple alternate universes! Some big, some small
-Corrupted Characters that will affect your save in multiple ways
-Hard Mode
-Probably more!

Confirmed Alternate Universes (In order they will be added)
-Fanon Underfell
-Royal Bones

About Hard Mode
Quite a few of these clicker games have "hard" modes, but they don't change much. However, UT CLICKER will have a unique hard mode. For example, corruptions happen more often and are more deadly than before. Imagine you unlocked a corrupted character and half an hour later, all of your money,Character and LOVE turn into nothingness. Yep, you heard me. Also texts and background will be altered. One more thing for this mode... exclusive story, characters and features. More will be revealed later on!

Release Date
Undertale Clicker (Regular Edition)
Undertale clicker will be ready to play decently soon. There is quite a few more features to add, and the first release will include only the base Undertale. Things to do: Add the corruptions (They are all done in concept and wont be hard to add), upgrades for a few characters, Working Mettaton EX (MTT and MTT EX function differently than you would think), CSS, Animations, Pictures, Achievments and balancing.

Undertale Clicker (Hard Mode)

Hard mode will take a...long time to finish. Expect it to release with the Underswap update.
Reasoning: I want efforts to go into the base game first. Also, a lot of the new stuff in hard mode is only acquired at that point in the game.

So yeah, that's pretty much all I wanted to say. You can suggest ideas/aus/feedback etc in the comments. The game will be out really soon, trust me on that. Have a nice day (or night, idk).


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