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Oh Gosh ......... (Accidentally deleted my Cookie Clicker of >3 years after deleting browser cache)

mycookieclickersgonemycookieclickersgone Posts: 1Member
edited June 2017 in Help
So I deleted my browser cache, and then reopened my browser to be greeted with a bunch of CC notifications/achievement banners and this alert with a yes/no showed up ...... I don't remember, I only saw the screen for less than a second. Why?
Because, by instinct/habit I made the IDIOTIC decision to reload the page, and was greeted with a brand-new Cookie Clicker game.
That's it, everything gone.
Well I didn't know CC used both cache and cookies.
Still in shock. All that time wasted, all those mouse clicks I shortened my mouse's lifespan by.
I sure wish I could get it back, but it seems I can do nothing but lament. Perhaps I should delete it from my bookmarks and forget this game ever took any of my time.
My username was Electro Chip, if that helps. But it probably won't.
Perhaps he closest way to get back my account is to go to my last computer backup from 6 months ago and maybe get it from there. But I got septillions of new cookies in that time from ascending.
Oh Gosh .....

Sorry for the wall of text, by the way.


  • ¤RunninginReverse¤¤RunninginReverse¤ Posts: 15,855Member, Friendly ✭✭✭✭✭
    This is why you export your save file often.

    We can't bring back your save file, unfortunately. Your username doesn't help, either - it doesn't save online. If you have another go, I recommend exporting your save file every time you close down the game.

    And, I don't even think Cookie Clicker saves using browser cookies at all anymore. Damn shame we lost the pun, but . . .
    Warning! Warning! One left in the way
  • gordonrmaseygordonrmasey Posts: 24Member
    there's a thread that might help where people post game codes, give relative details about you're run and someone might be able to give a similar code to you!
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