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Player for President 2: Universal Domination (Stage 1 Part 1) (FORUM GAME)

BrainstormBrainstorm Posts: 11,223Member ✭✭✭✭✭
edited June 2017 in Playground
So, maybe no one remembers the old PfP game, it was a game that only the first players can play, when the game starts, nobody can join until Stage 3, the original five who played the original game were Somebody, NotAnIdleGameAddict, Diamond (RiR), Breadstick, and Cookie (Calamity), it has died due to the quitting of some of the players, and I have brought it back due to the enlivening of Forum Games on the Dashnet forums.

Now, let's talk about it more, shall we?


At the year 2057, Pollution has covered the world and acid rain became more frequent than average rain, the world fell in complete doom, and the survivors moved to an underground bunker...
Years later, in 2099, humans have decided to go outside and see the outer world... and as they send one to do it, he finds that earth has been recovered... Pollution has reduced and plants and animals have returned at some point.. so they came out of their bunker.
A man known as K.I, who owned the giant bunker and was leader of the human population, decided to start an election, a global election to see who will take over which country...

Stage 1: Election & Restoration

Each player will start by submitting a speech, a slightly long speech that will show us that he will be a worthy president, and a vote begins between the population of the world... the person with the highest amount of votes will pick the country he will take over first, and then the person with second most votes... until the last person... at this point, a person will take his country and the original people of the country and attempt to re-enliven the country in terms of technology, plantlife, animal life, living, order, etc...

Stage 2: War & Peace

In this stage, the presidents of their countries will have advanced in technology, enough to create nukes and explosives... countries will choose between war and domination with others, or peace and trade...

Stage 3: ???

Stage 4: ???

Stage 5: ???

How to play:

To play, a person will just submit his speech, after stage 2 begins, nobody can submit speeches and will instead have to wait until stage 3 has started, also, when the part 1 of stage 1 is over and people get their countries, nobody submits speeches, and instead will get an available country of their choice. This will be played in terms of turn after voting is finished, which means that starting in Stage 1 Part 2, we will wait until all players post their actions until the turn is taken, each turn is a year, too. You can have more than one action per turn, but based on the amount of energy you can spend
Max energy = 100 (recharges per turn)
Nuke (if researched and finished) = 80 NRG, etc...

Note: this is an active game, players must be active at all times or PM me beforehand, if 36 hours pass and someone hasn't taken an action, an action will be made automatically for him (based on a random spin between technology improvement, defense precautions, and building improvements)

You may begin...

Oh, I almost forgot, if you prefer to keep your action secret, just send me a PM with it and post here a fake action as a coverup for your real action
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