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Feature Request: MATH!

varkarursvarkarurs Member Posts: 19 ✭✭
I'd like some mathematical functions to be able to be done! I.E say you have

Human {height:168}
Orc {height: 175}
Gnome {height: 130}
Giant {height: 250}
Fairy {height: 30}

Average {mult:[0.98-1.02]} //the feature to do a random number between two numbers already exists... but in this case it'd need to be able to do numbers with decimals.
Slightly Short {mult:[0.95-0.98]}
Short {mult:[0.90-0.95]}
Very Short {mult:[0.85-0.9]}
Tiny {mult:[0.8-0.9]}
Slightly Tall {mult:[1.02-1.05]}
Tall {mult:[1.05-1.10]}
Very Tall {mult:[1.10-1.15]}
Enormous {mult:[1.15-1.2]}

[species, #s], [height, #h], [[#s,as height]*[#h, as mult],#cm] //This takes the Height attribute from the selected species, and multiplies it by the Mult value from height. Meaning, a Very Tall human could be anywhere from 185 to 193 cm tall

[[#cm*0.393700787] % 12]'[[#cm*0.393700787] mod 12]" //the #cm*... formula converts cm to inches. The % 12 divides the inches by 12 and drops the remainder, giving a number in feet. The "mod 12" does the opposite, returning only the remainder. Together, this gives the cm result in feet and inches.


In addition (heh), long division, exponents, addition, subtraction, absolute values, and square roots could also be used to great effect. I could make a similarly charted $weight attribute, assign average [weight,#w] to the species, and do

[ [[#h, as mult]^3] * [#s, as weight] * [#w, as mult], #lbs]

to calculate the weight of a randomly generated character using the square cube law. (if you double something's size, you octuple its weight. 2^3=8. If I take a smaller number, like 1.2, and cube it, I get a multiplier that I can then throw onto average weight and the weight multiplier from bodytype to get a good estimation for actual weight.)

If you like this idea, shout at Orteil until he implements it!


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