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NickDayNickDay Posts: 1Member
Hi all!
I´m studiyng the Creature Generator and I don´t understand what "unique" stand for:

[mind type,unique]
[mind type,unique] and [mind type,unique]
[mind type,unique]; [mind type,unique], and [mind type,unique] {60%}
[mind type,unique]. [Mind Type,unique], and [mind type,unique]. [Mind Type,unique] {30%}

$mind type
[it prefers to live alone|it is relatively social|it lives in small [pack][s]|it lives in [pack][s]|it lives in large [pack][s]|it lives in organized tribes|[an] [pack] of [#name][s] is usually composed of [three|four|five|six|seven|eight|ten|a dozen|about twenty|about thirty|about forty|about fifty|a hundred] individuals]
[it can be [adverb] [aggressive|dangerous|territorial]|it can be dangerous|it is mostly peaceful|it is [adverb] placid|it is [adverb] friendly]
[#locomotion,as mind]
[it does not bond well with people|it sometimes lets people approach it|it seldom attacks people|it enjoys the company of people|it can be taught many tricks]
[it is [adverb] territorial|it is [adverb] protective of its offspring|it spends its entire life in the same place|it travels often|it migrates [once a year|twice a year|every two years]]
it [has|possesses|displays] [an] [adverb] [complex|confusing|unique|strange|peculiar|unusual] [communication system|biology|metabolism|mating ritual|life cycle|caste system]
[it is known to hibernate in the cold season|it can go for several [weeks|months|years] without eating]
it [sheds|molts|grows a new skin|regrows its limbs] [often|regularly|every few [days|weeks|months|years]]
[it can produce a toxic slime|it can release ink to escape predators|it can expel its internal organs to confuse attackers]
[its [sting|bite|venom][ is harmless, albeit painful|, albeit painful, is harmless| is highly deadly| is [adverb] potent| has been known to kill a [name] in [an] [exceptional] time]|it is [adverb] [venomous|poisonous]]
[it has been known to eat its offspring|it is known for taking good care of its offspring|it mates for life]
[it has very few predators|its natural predator is the [name]|its predators include the [name], the [name] and the [name]|it has a symbiotic relationship with the [name]|few creatures enjoy eating [#name][s] quite like [name][s]]
[it is exclusively nocturnal|it only comes out during the day|it prefers dark places]
it emits a pungent [smell|odor|gas] [to attract mates|to deter predators|to mark its territory]
[its larval stage is [adverb] long, but it only lives [an] [day|week|couple days|couple weeks|month] as an adult|it can live for over [an] [decade|century]]
[it can emit light|it glows in the dark|it is bioluminescent|it can be seen from a distance at night thanks to its bioluminescent organs]
[in some countries, it is a delicacy|it is part of many traditional recipes|[people used to hunt|some people hunt|poachers often kill] [#name][s] for [their skin|their bones|their blood|their organs][|, which can fetch [a|[an] [adverb]] high price| (said to have therapeutic properties)]]
[it constantly emits [an] [droning|buzzing|humming|snarling|growling|strange] sound|it has [an] [adverb] high-pitched scream|it is renowned for its intimidating [growl|scream]]
[#rareness,as mind]
its young are called [[#name][lets|lings]|[pups|chicks|calves|cubs]]
it [lives|spends most of its life|resides|nests] in [elaborate|complex|simple] [burrows|shelters|holes|nests|hives|dens|tunnels]


  • HyprlynkHyprlynk Posts: 8Member
    it probably prevents it from picking two of the same things.
    "If you eat a banana, a dank unicorn materializes in front of you and says:
    'I like slick cookies.'"

    By the way, I make music sometimes.
    You can listen to it here:
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