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Achieve It! (Diesel0307 Remake)

Diesel0307Diesel0307 Member Posts: 783 ✭✭
edited June 4 in Playground
This is a remake of a remake, but as the others kept dying, I figured I would make one to keep the game alive.

You start off as the rank -Human-. This rank can do anything a normal Human can, but as you gain more achievements you will rank up!

You are in what looks like a room of a castle, with brick walls, stone floor, and some lanterns. You can see a door made of steel, and it has a shiny green doorknob. The door has a sign saying "GO AWAY!".

What you want to do is get as many achievements possible. Once you get an achievement, no one else can get it (not including Combo Achievements).

Stats: HERE

I have a bunch oh old threads. I don't use them :P
Here is a thread though: As God As God Can Be
Stat page for game: Stats

I was dead for a while...
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