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How do I apply more than one attribute to something

geekkid1geekkid1 Posts: 5Member
I know you can go after a list item and do {attribute:value}, but how do you do more than one? I've tried commas and separate bracket sets, but neither worked.

Best Answer


  • Diesel0307Diesel0307 Posts: 783Member ✭✭
    I don't know if you can to be honest.
    I've never really tried.

    Maybe you can try doing something like:

    John {{gender:male}{feeling:happy}}
    Jessica {{gender:female}{feeling:sad}}

    I don't know if that can work, but again, I haven't tried.
    I have a bunch oh old threads. I don't use them :P
    Here is a thread though: As God As God Can Be
    Stat page for game: Stats

    I was dead for a while...
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