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Return of The Monster (The Monster ++)

BrainstormBrainstorm Posts: 11,223Member ✭✭✭✭✭
edited June 2017 in Playground

The monster from The Monster + has disappeared every since 2016... and long since gone, people have been looking for him... and his corpse has been found, washed up a shore, three days ago... and inside it was an egg, suddenly, as we take it out... it hatches!

Current stats:
Crystal Muffinizer
HP: 600
ATK: 175
Power: Dwarf Star
Durability: Obsidian
Intelligence: Mega Genius
Weight: 0.001 milligram
ARM: 50
SPD: Telepathic
Size: Human x 3
Color: Crystal Blue
Opacity: 120%
Powers: Muffin Man Spawning, Telekinesis, Muffin Firing, More...
Description: A very powerful being, can move faster than a teleportal can teleport, extremely powerful, as strong as a dwarf star.

Special Actions:

So... we have decided to bring this monster here to the Dashnet forums, because obviously, they will NOT make him big enough to eat the universe!

Basically, your goal is to interact with monster, feed him, throw stuff at him, use stuff at him, and so on... he will grow accordingly and gain new traits and appearance changes, your action can not exceed a certain power limit, or else the gloo will die, you won't even be allowed to use them anyway.
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