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Number Speed V.1.8.0 (Working on a New Game called, Space Clickers!) No ETA

EricBolton1993EricBolton1993 Posts: 462Member ✭✭✭
edited June 2017 in Games - Old
Play Number Speed here :
Number Speed Update Log :

Well for the past 1-2 weeks I have been slowly been working on a new Game where you make numbers really fast!
So far there are,

1.) High Numbers
2.) Lots of Buildings
3.) Cool and Funny Quotes
4.) 79 Awesome Achievements
5.) 74 Well Drawn Upgrades
6.) Research Experience to Discover
7.) Golden Numbers & Super Golden Numbers to Discover
8.) You Can Buy Upgrades & Buildings With Both Golden and Super Golden Numbers
9.) Lots of More Stuff to Discover and Do in this Game!

I drew all the Upgrades and more than half are names in the Pics (not a good drawler)
I used Google Pics for some of the Buildings
The Upgrades and Achievements are more fancy this time!

I hope you like it and if I get positive feedback, I will continue to update it!

PS: I used WD Spreadsheet for the background again!

(V.1.8.0) (6/8/17)
+ Added LOTS of New Achievements
+ Changed The Building Upgrade Infos to "Max Building Achievement"
+ Added More Spaces for the Info
+ Easer Read
+ I added another Building Called, "Number Bot"
+ Number Bot is after Number Machines
+ Some New Upgrades
+ Another Upgrade For Hands
+ Number Machines Achievements are now at 200!
+ Probably More Things, but I forgot!
+ Fixes
+ Sorry It Took So Long, Was Ill for a Bit!

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