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  • BrainstormBrainstorm Posts: 11,223Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    Certified Dashnet RPG Member

    I take the cooked potato, and eat enough to stop the hunger pains. I then grab my Scepter, practice some spells on the wall (if I have any at this point), and then set off on my journey to my division of the army.

    You snack on the potato, not a lot but enough at this point.
    You start practicing, your current moves are Magicball and Energyball.

    You head to the training area for mages, on the way, you find a man selling bread for 6 coins, wouldn’t hurt to get some as you’re still hungry.
    iceklaus said:

    I approach the man and whisper to his ear:

    -Is there a bounty involved?

    I also try to caress the bird's belly

    The man glares at you, and whispers back. “You don’t get money for saving your kingdom” and looks back at the man, angry.

    “You’ll find some loot if you’re lucky! Heh!” Whispers another man beside you, laughing.

    The bird refuses to even let you close, it pecks your hand.
    "Calm your caps, bro." -Brainstorm

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  • PointedBatPointedBat Posts: 47Member ✭✭
    Certified Dashnet RPG Member
    I check how much money I have, and if I have more than 12, I buy some.
    You don't matter. Give up.
  • MrMonkey7thMrMonkey7th Posts: 1,315Member ✭✭✭
    Certified Dashnet RPG Member
    I'll keep the suitcase, the Strange Scroll, and one copper key. (Oh yeah right this forum is a thing. Not quite dead yet. Just... sleeping.)
    This forum: Not dead. Just... sleeping.
  • SwertrichSwertrich Posts: 6Member
    Certified Dashnet RPG Member
    Name: Sammy
    Element: Cats
    Weapon: Cat launcher
  • krashmosskrashmoss Posts: 11Member ✭✭
    krashmoss said:

    Kuram nervously look around, trying to see what is going on, to identify the creature moving from one bush to another. He put the meat on the ground and slowly move back. He then shout, friendly: ''Here is some meat, I give it to you''. Kuram continue to slowly walk back until he doesn't see the pile of meat. He's not interested in fighting the creature, he just wants to come back home.

    The creature doesn't appear again... what do you do now?
    Kuram starts shouting to be heard: "I don't want you any harm! Here is some meat. I am leaving now." Kuram collectsthe stones he can find and piles them to form a circle on the ground. He adds 2 cooked dear meat inside. Kuram then closes his eyes, imagining a white light aroung the circle made of stones. He stays there for around 15 seconds, just focusing on this mental image, then Kuram walks peacefully in the forest, looking for and collecting materials that could be used in the crafting of ropes.
  • IceDragon1235IceDragon1235 Posts: 18Member
    edited March 24
    Certified Dashnet RPG Member
    My name: Kagrath the Thief. My favourite fantasy element is creating way too much backstory for no reason and hoping it will become relevant at some point. I prefer short blades but know basic fire magic.
    one could say i'm an idiot
    one could also say i'm a genius
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