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Endless Dungeon ^2^

ReepileReepile Member Posts: 1,702 ✭✭✭✭
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extra info for guys who like reading
deleted original message as it was a tad bit stupido. this game will be nice and ill try not to quit it and let it run until people don't want it anymore.

its probably also spammy that i created 2 forum games in limited time, i will not make more from now on, sorry

The endless dungeon is a massive dungeon that has been placed by the Elder Gods of the dimension. Placed at the end is a prize mortals can barely imagine, but it is kept a secret. One day, a group of adventurers, (you), tried to discover this mysterious dungeon prize, in hope for some loot and secret reveals!


1. You battle through rooms of the dungeon, fighting progressively harder enemies. Your imagination is the limit when deciding how to attack, do anything to your heart's desire!
2. Summoning can be done by charging. If you do not charge it will be a weak summon. You can charge 1 each round or a summon e.g 1/4, 2/4 AND make an attack, so it's best to have a summon charging whilst attacking. (WHILST SUMMONING, GIVE ONLY NAME AND SPECIAL ATTRIBUTE (evade, attack, defence)) (You can do 3 different summons at a time if no other attacks are charging)
3. Every 5 rounds is a boss room, and once defeated will give 100 hp. However, a puzzle/riddle/code is always given after a boss fight for people to solve. If they can, an extra 100 hp is given! You can also complete previous puzzles whenever you like once you get the answer! Regen increases by 50 each time too, and regens every 3 rounds.
4. If you die, you must wait 3 rounds to begin fully recovering, and people can revive you while dead for a whole turn.
5. Enjoy!


1. No double posting, you must wait for 4 replies before you can post another attack/summon charge.
2. I decide damage and summon stats for attacks and summons.
3. Nothing omega op
4. You can only charge 3 things at a time
Room 1: The Gate
Slug: 5
Snail: 10
Username: 100/100 HP
No, instead you should CLICK MEEE
ugh Don't bother clicking me...
(all the links take you to another multiplayer idle game so if you wanna check em out)
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