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Delicious Cookie Deluxe

ReepileReepile Member Posts: 1,702 ✭✭✭✭
edited June 7 in Playground
spoiler contains extra info about my thoughts on stuffs
Hello guys, some of you (or maybe very few of you now) know that I made 2 delicious cookie games in the past. The first one went for a loong time with a total of 27 pages, my longest forum game! I then was unable to hold up with the continuation of it as it felt like a chore. The second was much shorter, and the same conclusion came. This time I will try myself to hold this game up for as long as possible, but of course if only 2 people play every round it's not worth me spamming the forum. In hopes that the new members could help me get this game running I will run it and we will run together!


1. The goal is to add ingredients to the cookie to make it more delicious! Basically, write what ingredient you put in, may it be chocolate, shoving in a sugar bomb or whatever! The more delicious it sounds, the more deliciousness it will give. (I decide the deliciousness it gives) Your imagination is the limit!
2. You can only double post ingredients in one round if at least 3 people have posted after your add, or if 2 people have posted and it's been one day since I've updated the round.
4. You can create things like Cookie Factories or anything else that will also make cookies per round! Every round, the CPR will be added to the total deliciousness.
5. As the deliciousness goes up, the Deli-Meter changes and the size increases! Biggest cookie here we come! Trophies are earned at milestones as well!
6. You cannot eat the cookie, destroy it, make it disgusting etc.
7. Charging also works I guess, aka 0/3, 1/3, 2/3 etc to find an ingredient/cook it etc
8. Please do not make a Delicious Cookie Idle game from Orteil's Idle Game Maker, as I plan to do so sometime in the future.


(X) = Not done, *** = done.
Wooden Trophy - 100,000 Deliciousness ***
Bronze Trophy - 1,000,000 Deliciousness ***
Iron Trophy - 1,000,000,000 Deliciousness ***
Silver Trophy - 1 Tri Deliciousness ***
Gold Trophy - 1 Quad Deliciousness ***
Emerald Trophy - 1 Quint Deliciousness (X)
Ruby Trophy - 1 Sext Deliciousness (X)
Obsidian Trophy - 1 Sept Deliciousness (X)
Amethyst Trophy - 1 Oct Deliciousness (X)
Diamond Trophy - 1 Non Deliciousness (X)
Unobtainium Trophy - 1 Dec Deliciousness (X)
Magic Trophy - 1 UnDec Deliciousness (X)
Chaotic Stone Trophy - 1 DuoDe Deliciousness (X)
Mythicalite Trophy - 1 TreDe Deliciousness (X)
Ubershard Trophy - 1 QuaDe Deliciousness (X)
Rainbow Trophy 1 QuinDe (X)
Matter Trophy 1 SeDe (X) (or the glitched ruby trophy) (X)
Pure Energy Trophy 1 SeptDe (X)
Future Trophy 1 OctDe (X)
Grandite Trophy 1 NovDe (X)
The Cookie Trophy 1 Vigi (X)

Light Trophy 1 Delishplus (X)
Darkness Trophy 1Kk Delishplus (X)
Infinite Trophy 1Mm Delishplus (X)
Reborn Trophy 1Bb Delishplus (X)
Void Trophy 1Tt Delishplus (X)
Trophy of Trophies 1Qq Delishplus (X)
Frosty Trophy 1Qtt DelishPlus (X)

1 Delishplus = 1,000 Vigintillion Deliciousness
1Kk Delishplus = 1,000,000 Delishplus
1Mm Delishplus = 1,000,000Kk Delishplus
1Bb Delishplus = 1,000,000Mm Delishplus

0 Per Round
+ ???
Deliciousness: 0
Deli-Meter: Gross
Size: Average Cookie
Trophy: None

First round has begun, you may now add ingredients!
No, instead you should CLICK MEEE
ugh Don't bother clicking me...
(all the links take you to another multiplayer idle game so if you wanna check em out)
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