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Treasure of the Cubes (Forum Game)

MathCookieMathCookie Member Posts: 212 ✭✭
edited May 14 in Playground
Current Stats:
@Lefian : Lv. 2, 40 Max HP
@Diesel0307 : Lv. 2, 40 Max HP
@Calamity : Lv. 2, 40 Max HP
@Brainstorm : Lv. 2, 40 Max HP
@maindog : Lv. 2, 40 Max HP
RunninginReverse : Lv. 2, 40 Max HP
@McJagger : Lv. 1: 10 Max HP

The post about the red Cube below was just the start of the game, and the red Cube has already been destroyed. If you want to participate, you'll need to see what adventures the others are on currently.
A mysterious red cube appears. It seems to have a treasure inside- destroy it! You can think of Attacks yourself, like the other forum games.

Red Cube HP: 100/100
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