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Interaction with the environment

RendharRendhar Posts: 7Member
First of all, english is not my native language, so expect for some mistakes haha.

I've played the game a couple of times, I've achieved some ascensions and also I've reached 25k of population (not that challenging than get to 200-400 pop, there you just maintain proportions). But the contact with the environment, the space that surround my people, doesn't have any interaction with them. I can't choose where to gather, where to put the village or where the scouts and wonderers can go (I will not enter in details about the late game, I know the developers are working on that and have a lot of ideas, I'm only focussing in the current version). As well, animals or weather doesn't have any effect in the growth of the group, in the culture or in the traits. Wolfs, bears or boars can't attack you, storms don't do nothing, there's no seasons or temperature. At some point the game becomes lineal, the hard challenges of the beggining fades and get crushed when you hit 30/40 pop and from thereon, there's no new deals.

It's hard for me to explain myself in this language, I hope you've got my point and I'm open to any new ideas to make this game something great that satisfy our expectatives
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