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Never-Ending Burglary

LefianLefian Member Posts: 1,776 ✭✭✭
edited May 11 in Playground
Welcome to my new obviously fantastic forum game!
Uhh, here's how it goes:
Every player is 'given' a separate house/mansion that they are to break into/burglarize.
Certain items must be obtained before leaving the house.
After exiting a house, another one will be given. Each one gets progressively harder.
Players can 'reset' a house once. This goes for each house.
Items stolen inside of the house will be converted into money, used to upgrade yourself or your gadgets, or even 'buy' magic with.
Managing to go through a house without killing any guards/civilians will reward you with extra money. Getting caught only two times or less also rewards you with money.
Getting caught on a camera only counts if you fail to disable it/remove the recording afterwards. Does not work for other alarm systems.
Other rules might be implemented if I remember/come up with them.
In order to join, simply say that you will and select one of the following traits:
1: Light feet (People won't hear you from farther away. Crouching is always silent.)
2: Camouflage (Blend into shadows easier.)
3: Golden Eyeball (Some items are pointed out once entering a room without having to search. Prices are known before exiting house.)
4: Faulty Locks (Locks/doors have a higher chance of being broken into without having to use the key.)
5: Blind Eye (Guards give up the chase quicker, and stop searching for you quicker.)


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