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Make the Golden Cookie more visible. (This affects GAMEPLAY, not graphics!)

WarpZoneWarpZone Posts: 3Member
Noob player here. I don't know what my problem is. But I can be leafing through menus and reading stuff and comparing numbers, and then all of a sudden I notice movement out of the corner of my eye and it's the Golden Cookie GOING AWAY. Shit! When did that get there!? Clickclicklclickclick! Dammit. It was already too faded by the time I clicked on it.

This happens over and over again, often while I'm staring directly at the screen. Frankly, it's embarrassing. I don't know what the actual cause of the problem is, but you should make it harder to miss. Make it flash white like title text sometimes does. Make it sparkle. Make it wobble. Make it spin like a coin in Mario. Anything. Just do something.

I see the addition of sound effects are already on the to-do list, but that won't help because I usually have my headphones off while I'm playing it. You just need to make it really VISIBLE. Dunk that cookie in UI juice.



  • 222lawlawlawl_games222lawlawlawl_games Posts: 296Member ✭✭
    Did you get the golden cookie notification prestige upgrade? If not, when you do ascend, GET IT!
  • Lava_EntityLava_Entity Posts: 22Member ✭✭
    Either that, or resize your browser window
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