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The Vault

MrMonkey7thMrMonkey7th Member Posts: 1,098 ✭✭✭
edited May 16 in Playground
Hey mates, remember Reepiles old game "The Safe", back in 2015? Yes? No? Anyway, I was thinking of doing a remake of that, and it seemed like at least a few people liked the idea. The basic premise is that their is a vault that all the players are working to open/destroy. The Vault is an extremely powerful boss that can summon in minions. You have infinite health, but if you attack the Vault, you will do negligible damage, so you summon in minions to help you. The way you summon minions is by charging up over multiple turns, when you finish charging, you give a general description of what you want your minion to be like (NO exact stats), and it becomes summoned! Each player controls the minions that they summoned in. The more turns you charge up your minion, the more powerful it is. To see the original game, go, or if that link doesn't work because I'm too low level to post links or something like that, the link is:

You will have to copy and past that one

What the symbols mean:

(M) Minion: that you have summoned to help you
(A) Ally: that works for your side, but is GM controlled
(V) The Vault
(E) Enemy: that the Vault has summoned to protect itself
(N) Neutral: NPC or special item/object that may or may not help you if you bribe/defeat it in single combat/compliment it/etc. Sometimes you can turn these into an Ally.

Status effects:
Capital letters indicate a status effect
The number or symbol after it denotes how long until that effect is removed

Number: The number of turns until it disappears. This is used for most status effects, including, but not limited to, poisoned, cursed, stunned, drunk, or infected.
Exclamation point: Removed when desired, or when certain user created conditions are met, like a weapon being reloaded, or defend status being enabled/disabled
Hashtag: Permanent things, like death

Important rules:
  1. No double posting. If you double post then BOTH of your actions will be canceled. I'm sure there will be a few exceptional circumstances, but unless it's really important, and/or wouldn't make any sense if you just edited your post, don't do it. NO TRIPLE POSTING PERIOD.
  2. DON'T specify the exact stats of a summon, you can suggest a general direction you want the summons powers to be (defensive, magic, offensive, fire type, lighting bolt, ghost with invisibility), but I will decide the exact stats.
  3. Same with damage.
  4. CREATING BUILDINGS ARE NOT ALLOWED! PERIOD. END OF DISCUSSION. NO BUILDINGS! For an example of what I DON'T want, look at what happened toward the end of the original "The Safe" game.
  5. The more epic an attack sounds, the more damage it will do, same with minion stats
  6. Remember to charge your summons/attacks/anything to make it more powerful
Things of note: Don't expect this game to be that much like the original, and be warned, I tend to make things WAY to difficult. Expect a constantly changing and erratic update system, as I often ignore things for a while, then am constantly doing it.

There will also sometimes be events, that do magic things.

  1. Each turn, you and any/all of your minions can take an action, you don;t need to split one action between all of you.
  2. KISS, aka, Keep It Simple Stupid. The less complex your actions are, the more time I have to create awesome stories!
  3. Take advantage of events. They are there for a reason: to give YOU an advantage.
The Vault currently has 100,000/100,000 health.

(V) 100,000/100,000 HP
The Vault has not been activated yet...

No current events...
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