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What if you could... (Forum game by Diesel0307)

Diesel0307Diesel0307 Posts: 783Member ✭✭
This is a game where each poster asks a "What if you could" question, then the next one answers.

A "What if you could" question is basically something like "What if you could fly?" or "What if you could be the fastest person on Earth?".

An example could be:
Poster 1: What if you could fly?
Poster 2: I would travel everywhere.
What if you could rule the world?
Poster 3: I would make everyone worship me.
What if you could be the best cook on Earth?

Please keep the comments relatively appropriate... PLEASE!

I will start:
What if you could have the superpowers of Batman?
I have a bunch oh old threads. I don't use them :P
Here is a thread though: As God As God Can Be
Stat page for game: Stats

I was dead for a while...


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