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This magical world

ManiklasManiklas Member Posts: 2,043 ✭✭✭

You are a group of wizard apprentice's trying to make your own spells, but you don't know what all the runes you use to cast spells means! So you randomly test runes to uncover what they do and write them down on a list.

There's four types of runes: shapes, effects, amplifiers and targetters. There's also special amplifiers which I'll talk about later.

Shapes are how your spell is cast, like projectiles or auras or enchantments

Effects basicly gives your spell an effect

Amplifiers amplifies or changes a shape or effect

Targetters choses whom to target

The form to make a spell is [SHAPE][AMPLIFIER]>[EFFECT][AMPLIFIER]>[TARGETTER]
I will tell you all discoveries, if I missed something it's probably because it's not compatible in that formula.

Special amplifiers are unlocked after casting specific shapes or effects, they change how the shape or effect works.

Here is a list of currently known runes

ALSO if you run out of runes to test you can steal pages from your teacher's spellbooks, the first one's are almost harmless, but lategame they will become extreme, like EXTREME extreme. You can also ask a teacher what a rune does, but only one action per turn.
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