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Threevolution (Forum Game by Grainstorm)

BrainstormBrainstorm Posts: 11,227Member ✭✭✭✭✭
Welcome to Threevolution!
Basically, you start as a group of 3 cells-sized beings, you will grow and evolve, and become the strongest and greatest being ever created!
You will start in this world known as Planet Birth, it is where you all start, and also in a sea...
Seas you can spawn in (you choose):
Tamarian Seas:
Temperature: Warmer than average
Plantlife: Decent
Fishlife: Decent
Dangers: Shark and whale creatures, eight-armed creatures, carnivourus plants

Echirian Ocean:
Temperature: Very Low
Plantlife: More than decent
Fishlife: Low
Dangers: Narwhals and arctic hunters, whales, sea urchins.

Terranian Gulf:
Temperature: Average
Plantlife: Lower than Decent
Fishlife: High
Dangers: Swordfish and average predators, poisonous fish

You will also be able to purchase certain evolutions when you find them/ when you encounter them... using genes!

Species name: Gorgum
Survival: Ground and air
Description: Large gargoyle-like being, sometimes it convinces a person that he is a statue, and he amazes them with his amazing size and astonishing polish... but when time is right, he goes angry and feeds on them
Population: 20
Stage: 8
Diet: Meat, Vegetables and Plant, Processed Food.
Genes: 1M
Extra Genes: 9
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