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Evolution (Forum game by Diesel0307)

Diesel0307Diesel0307 Member Posts: 783 ✭✭
edited June 2017 in Playground
(This game is based of the idea from Developous2, but it was old so I am making a new one)

Evolution is a game where your main focus is to make a species that can achieve certain goals. Your species starts off as a single-cell organism, that lives in the giant ocean of the planet Diesearth. Every other player on Diesearth is in the same ocean as you, and there is a chance two, or more, players will run into each other.

You start by naming your species, explaining what types of food it eats (right now you can eat most things in the ocean, like minerals and proteins, but over time when you evolve you need to choose the path of carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore), and some other details.

You play the game by doing actions and collecting points called “Evos”. Actions are just things like “I look around for food”, “I try to produce more cells”, or “I split up my cells to help find more food” (If you want to know some more actions, you can look at the game this game is based off of, found here). Evos can be earned by doing… things. Evos are also what you use to evolve your species, but sometimes you can evolve if I think you did a good enough task.

The ways you evolve determine your future, you can evolve to have a saliva-like substance, or to have flagella, or something like that. You can also evolve to become something like a virus or bacteria, that enters other species and tries to destroy them.

So, this is your task as players. Your goal is to conquer, populate, and control Diesearth. You will eventually evolve to live on land. When two or more players do this, you try to do this cooperatively, or you can work against each other and take the planet for yourself! But right now, your species is only a cell. If this species finds a different species, YOU choose your fate. The planet is in your hands…

Here is what you need to evolve:
50 Evos: Very Minor Evolution
100 Evos: Minor Evolution
150 Evos: Substance Producing Evolution / Tiny Evolution
200 Evos: Small Evolution
350 Evos: Normal Evolution
500 Evos: Good Evolution
700 Evos: Great Evolution
900 Evos: Big Evolution
1000 Evos: Bigger Evolution
1200 Evos: Huge Evolution
1500 Evos: Special / Even Bigger Evolution
(More to be added)

An example of when you start could look like this:
Species name: Dieselian
Diet: Any minerals, and free-floating cytoplasm from other cells
Details: Orangish hue, kind of spherical

If you want to see your stats, here is the Pastebin page:
I have a bunch oh old threads. I don't use them :P
Here is a thread though: As God As God Can Be
Stat page for game: Stats

I was dead for a while...
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