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Heart Clicker II (Alpha 0.3.0) | New Changes!

EricBolton1993EricBolton1993 Member Posts: 413 ✭✭✭
edited April 2017 in Games - Old
Well for the past few weeks, I have been working on Heart Clicker II, instead of the Boxes Game!
Now, this Sequal is a bit different, as there are and going to be some different features!

Link to the Game:

What Is New In Version (0.2.0) (4/23/17)
+ Two Heart Buildings
+ One Dark Heart Building (Unlocks at 5 Dark Hearts Made From Converting 2500 Hearts)
+ You Can Convert 500 Hearts Into One Dark Heart (Unlocks at 250 Hearts Banked)
+ Three Achievements For Each Building (1-10-25)
+ Better, Better Drawings
+ More Thank Two Upgrades This Time! (I Plan To Have An Upgrade For Each Building At, (1-5-15-25-50-100)
+ Some Upgrades Look Like Crap, But I Will Redraw Them
+ There Shouldn't Be Any Bugs
+ Two Upgrades You Can Buy With Dark Hearts
+ Clicking Is Different
+ Added Clicking Upgrade At 100 Hearts Made, (Costs 1 Dark Heart) 500 Hearts Converted)
+ Remember It Is Alpha, So It Isn't As Deep As Heart Clicker, (Yet)

What Is New In Version (0.3.0) (4/23/17)
Well for this small update, I made some changes, and doing so, it will help me add lots more content soon!
+ Redid the Artwork on the Dark Heart Clickable
+ I added a Dark Grandma Building (Costs Dark Hearts)
+ The Dark Grandma will make 0.01 Dark Hearts (Will Be Reworked in the Future!)
+ The Dark Grandma Building Is Unlocked at 5 Dark Hearts Made!
+ The Dark Necessities Is Now Named (Dark Storage)
+ Dark Storage Unlocks at 50 (Total Dark Hearts) Made!
+ I Got Rid of the Upgrade For That Building!
+ I Downsized the Achievements to 50x50 Pixels
+ Clicking Upgrade is now Only Twice Efficient, (Not Four Times)
+ Dark Storage Costs 50 Hearts and Gives 0.05 Dark Hearts (Will Be Reworked in the Future!)
+ I added Total Seconds Played
+ I Added Total Minutes Played

In the Next Upcoming Updates I will have more Upgrades, Achievements, Information on Things and Ect...
I'm just updatign this in small Updates for now, while I slowly Work on this Heart Clicker II!

Please tell me how you like it and hopefully that will give me more inspiration/motivation to keep updating the game!
I have a whole HEAP of Content/Features For This Game!

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