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New Heavenly Upgrade!!

chupaflabachupaflaba Posts: 9Member
Name: Chocolate Chip Button

Description: Upon using the Chocolate Chip Button upgrade, your clicks give 2x more cookies, but the big cookie has a 10% chance of shattering. Big cookie respawns again in 1 minute

Humor Description: It's like clicking the Big Cookie, but is not as tasty as the Big Cookie.. Not to mention good looking!

Summary: Basically the button acts just like the golden lever. If you activate it in your upgrade menu, it lasts until you deactivate it.

Cost: Cost 100,000 multiplied by your cookies per click. Each click you do makes the price go up by 100. Price is lower by 50 for every cursor you own.

PS: The reason why the cost is so complicated is so that people can make different types of strategies on how to get the Chocolate Chip Button.


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