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Wizardry Warfare!

McJaggerMcJagger Member Posts: 1,220 ✭✭✭
This is a remake of a game i played on here about two years ago(ish)! i used a different username, but it was still alot of fun! and i hope to re-create the experience!
The old link is here: if you would like to check it out!

Basicly, give me your:

i will tell you what small bit happens to it, and you tell me how you upgrade it!
Ex: Name:Kyle
Element: All elements
You start with the base element of a small burst of water
I Create fire
(of course not that O.P......)

you can battle players, and you can play the battle out... whoever loses will be knocked out for 3 of *My* upgrade posts.
You also cannot have duplicates of someone else's element


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