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Syntax to choose between printing two elements or one

racetrackracetrack Member Posts: 2
Hey. Probably a simple question, but how should I be going about making my generator either return two elements or one in a certain place?

For example, I want to print either [event1] AND [character] or just [event2]. Tried writing it as [[event1] [character]|[event2]] as a guess but I'm obviously missing something. Thanks!


  • racetrackracetrack Member Posts: 2
    Whoops. The obviously missing something was human error here, fixed it. Can't figure out how to delete/close this so I'll ask my other question now: Is there a way to change the 50/50 split between which element is chosen? I have fewer scenarios in my second list - they are only in a separate list so that I can add apostrophes to character names and avoid awkward phrasing - and right now those few scenarios are returning just as often as any of the many others get a chance to, which is problematic. Again, thanks!
  • The_Cookie_MonsterThe_Cookie_Monster Member Posts: 238 ✭✭

    I'm not sure I know exactly what the problem is, is it something to do with elements coming up too often/being too common in a "$" sort of list? Because if it is, can't it be fixed by adding {number%} to the end of an element? Also, if it is a problem with having a certain element in a [[example1]|[example2]] sort of list, the way I usually fix that is just by having more or less of one of the element, like:
    ((this would have a 75% chance to return an element from the [example1] list, compared to only a 25% chance with the [example2] list))
    {Still, I'm sorry that I am not really sure what the problem is, but I hope I've helped! ^-^}
    racetrack said:

    Again, thanks!

    Um, you're welcome! ; ]

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