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Levelmasters Z

CalamityCalamity Posts: 15,095Member, Friendly ✭✭✭✭✭
edited April 2017 in Playground
Based off of Developeses hit forum game comes a new round of Levelmasters with new mechanics, new ways to advance your creations, and no limits. Acquire CP to force evolutions from figments of your imagination upon your creations. All to become the strongest dominant force on the planet much larger than Earth. With even more mysteries still...

What awaits this generation of levelmasters, even I can't fathom that.

The creation of new things costs CP. Use CP to also level and evolve your creations. You start out with 1000, you don't earn them easily. So use them sparingly.



When you create something they are assigned a type. Each type or role allows creations extra or different functions.

You can have unlimited grunts. Until you increase the limit with CP, 3 Champions. Then for a huge amount of CP you can make one a deity. Who knows if there is a limit for that, however.

Same goes for gear you can have unlimited. Though for artifacts they can only be given to champions and deities and they have an increased cost. They are more worthwhile to create they can't be the same. Oh and yes there is a limit on artifacts. 3. You can use CP to increase that limit too.

Tournaments will also be held, so if you have any spare points you should spend them to join. If you partake get worthwhile rewards.

To create something supply an image, name its type, and what it does. I will supply its restrictions. Meaning that it will be given a type, if its regarded as too special or what not.

Take consideration of the cost before creating entities, and items.

Grunts have a base cost of 100, Champions are 10000. Deities, well just know it ain't cheap. Next is the gear, that's 10 each and artifacts are 1000 each.

Also, I will also be partaking.
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