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Master Chef!

McJaggerMcJagger Member Posts: 1,220 ✭✭✭
edited April 2017 in Playground
You are a starting chef!
You will have to make a meal using ingredients, you may mix ingredients to make new ones!

I will tell you the:
Meals name
Special Effects
_/10 star rating

Starting ingredients:
Ham- Bacon- egg-Mozzarella Cheese- milk- flour- salt- pepper seasoning- bell pepper- (and of course) slime (because why not!)

Once the meal reaches 10/10 rating, you will make a new meal, but, it will have to have a 15/15 star rating, for every meal, five stars are needed!

***RESTAURANT UPGRADES*** (you get these after each meal reaches its goal!)

Popularity meter
So basically the more people eat at your restaurant, the more gold you earn. Like, lets sya your popularity is 150,000 you would get $150 after your new meal is completed. after you finish one, you get more popularity, and so forth

the "Good" Oven
you can now cook ingredients, and, mix ingredients while cooking them, melding flavors, this will create different ingredients!
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