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Better gatherers

SekhmetSekhmet Posts: 172Member ✭✭
It could be nice if some technology would allow gatherers to focus on certain type of resource.

For instance, once you have cooking and hunting/fishing, you often rely on them for food. But you still need your gatherers, only for the water.
Later on, you have wells, so you don't need them for water. But they still bring back some, even if you would like them to focus on herbs or branches...

My sugg: have a "focus on" option on a gatherer (need some technology, and probably some tools too) : water, food, other material, or you could be even more precise with the appropriate research.

The gatherer would still bring back various items (after all, a gatherer could not resist the nice mushroom he/she saw on the side, just here, even if he/she has been told to bring back water), but would focus on the desired resource.


  • E_ZE_Z Posts: 14Member
    edited April 2017
    Here are other possibilities for similar results
    • Add another icon for Gatherer (that splits from Gatherer like Firekeepers?) to create a new unit (Forager? or Foraging party if more than 1 worker?) to gather a specific "Gatherer" resource that requires X workers and 20 food ea. (like a Wanderer) and MAYBE???
    • The units search for X days for X resources and return as Gatherers if successful (or return as Workers, or injured or ill...)
    • Or the unit becomes a Forager and generates X resources/day
    • Or the unit gathers X of a specific resource and may also find X other resources (like any other gatherer) either X resource + % chance of other or 50-75% max capacity specific + remaining% other
    • A new or existing Tech. could be required depending on balance needed (Language, Speech, something new?)
    • Foragers could get lost like Scouts and Wanderers
    As the tech. to gather a resource is gained, I think the ability to "Forage" for the resource should be lost. You can still GATHER sticks but it should (eventually) be more efficient for "Woodcutter" (or similar); resulting by late game in Foragers finally becoming Botanists (mostly useful gathering herbs)
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