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The First Annual Dashnet Forums Hunger Games

¤RunninginReverse¤¤RunninginReverse¤ Member, Friendly Posts: 15,775 ✭✭✭✭✭
So, this is a thing I'm doing.

This is going to be a big fucking thing, eventually, but for now, not many people are active - so, rather than run a full, 24-competitor game, I'm gonna look for just 6 for now. We can get 6, right?


Uh, anyway, this is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. The Hunger Games, as a forum game, in Dashnet. As the title implies, this WILL be an annual event, starting in April every year...At least, as long as I remember it.


Each participant will receive a PM between just me(the Game Master) and them(the Tribute) for their events. This is not for OOC chatting, and should only be used to play the game. The one exception is if you want to talk about something that reveals your position, in which case, please keep it to yourself. Please do not add others, participants or otherwise, to your PM, nor should you transfer information about your location to others through PMs. I don't want people going and searching for you to get you out of the game fast. You shouldn't want that either. If you really want to die that badly, I'll just kill you off with environmental hazards, instantaneously and with no fanfare. ^.^

No supernatural/inhuman Tributes of any variety. This includes, but is not limited to monsters, magicians, aliens, robots, metahumans, and divine figures such as angels and demons. ((This may change in future games, but for now this is a concrete rule.))

After each 12-hour period IC, I will broadcast the events occurring in that period across the game, and in the OOC thread. This news will be heard IC, but I will be careful not to divulge information about your location.

There will be 2 Mid-tier weapons and 3 Low-tier weapons in the center of the area, where you start. High-tier weapons will be cargo drops later into the Games. YOU CANNOT BRING YOUR OWN WEAPONRY INTO THE GAMES!

Don't think that players will be your only risky encounter here. The wilderness will prove to be just as major a threat as the other Tributes.

I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO DICTATES THE RESULT OF ACTIONS! The only exception would be if the result is painfully obvious. Running into the barrier will kill you, for example. I also dictate cargo drops, which will occur every now and then in the Games. You have to be near a cargo drop to go over there and attempt to claim it.

After 2 in-game days(48 hours IC), the center will be refilled with weapons and supplies in what is referred to as the Feast. After 3 in-game days(72 hours), the barrier will start closing in, "encouraging" Tributes to head to the center of the map for the Deathmatch. The Deathmatch is the Games' "grand finale," and will not end until there is one Tribute left standing. After the end of the Games, the last surviving Tribute will be declared the Champion.

The Champion will gain recognition as the winner of the Hunger Games(no other prizes - I've got nothing to give), and will be able to coach another player the following year if they choose; however, they will not if they're already competing. After the Games end, I will copy/paste all events here to allow the public to view what the fuck the Tributes were doing. After that, the thread will be open for approximately one week to discuss the Games, and then I'll PM a moderator to have the thread closed. A new thread will later be opened, next year.

No godmode. Just...No godmode. You won't even been given a proper death if you dodge everything flawlessly, land every hit, etc. You'll just be told "get out." You will later be announced as "erased from existence" during the broadcast once the 12-hour period is over.

Finally, if the first Games get out of hand, I may not do it again. If everyone is insistent on breaking rules, going against what I say, etc. then I might even end the games early. In the event that I have to end the games early, that's a definite red flag for me to not try this again. Continue to get out of hand in the OOC thread and I'll have a moderator promptly burn and delete the thread.

Afraid to remember what you had made.


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