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Modding communal (Share ideas, artwork, code, tips, resources and manifests)

gneratororgneratoror Posts: 133Member ✭✭
So, i figured out tht modding legacy is not the most accesible thing for non-coders, and in top of that you need to make art.
Upon these complications, i decided to tho make this thread where coders can share mods, artists style sheets, and designers ideas.
About the manifests, it might be a good idea to have a communal one for non-core mods, since it causes problems with compatibility.
Protip:Mod.js always goes at the end
Some resources:
main.js/game engine --->
Default dataset/ data.js -->
sprites reference -->
Stylesheet/css -->
Link for mods in github --->[username]/[repository]/[branch]/[filename].js
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